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We love all the children that are part of our big Scottsdale Learning Centers family. There are so many awesome things that your children are learning at our North Scottsdale preschools everyday, from kindness, to the abc’s and 1-2-3′s, to tying our own shoes! These are the things that families don’t want to miss out on, so we do our best to share the daily happenings with the whole family as much as possible!

Monthly Family Participation Parties

Each of our Scottsdale Child Care locations put on monthly parties, and the whole family is invited! Parents, grandparents, and big sisters are all able to take in some good ol’ fashioned fun with their classroom’s children and teachers. The children always look forward to the parties, as they get to show mom and dad how they make projects, play games, and eat special treats! Signs are posted every month to remind our families about the next participation party.


Facebook and Twitter

One of the ways we keep our North Scottsdale families in the loop is our social media. Our Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Accounts give the families at our preschools the opportunity to experience more of the daily fun occurrences at Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Centers. With the help of the internet, we are able to share pictures, projects, upcoming events, and relevant news with you. Also we have a faster way to get important alerts to our families, for example: a surrounding road closure due to a traffic accident.

Continuing Education Classes

At Scottsdale Child Care & Learning Centers we host continuing education classes every month for the teachers and parents at our schools. Each month there is a new class that aids our teachers in their pursuit to be even better at caring for your children. We feel honored to have parents join with us in our dedication to educating ourselves so that we can educate the little ones.