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Shamrock Scavenger Hunt!!

March 8th, 2012 by Miss Heather

Find the GOLD!!!

This project is both an opportunity to create crafts AND have fun playing a game with your children. It is an awesome way to keep your children on their toes by sharpening their critical thinking and guessing skills!


I will walk you through how to make the shamrocks that will lead the children to the next clue and eventually the “Pot of Gold.” A super fun way to get them extremely excited is use the chocolate gold candies you can purchase at any grocery or craft store. Good Luck!! [no pun intended.... :) ]

Materials Needed:

* Construction Paper: Yellow, Green, & Brown

* Glue OR Tape. (tape is preferred)

* Scissors (As always, used with parental supervision)

* Pen to trace or create your shamrocks and gold!

* Popsicle sticks (As many as desired depending on how many shamrocks you want)

How to Create the Shamrock!

  • First, draw a HEART on your green construction paper.
  • Cut the heart out and use it to trace your other hearts. You will need three hearts per shamrock. The older the children, the more shamrocks you may want to make sure they are busy!
  • After you have traced & cut out your hearts, tape or glue the hearts together bringing all the points of the hearts together. (As seen below)

  • Next you will make the “Pot of Gold” out of the brown construction paper. And remember, this doesn’t have to look perfect!…we aren’t all cartoonists with that magical drawing ability!! :) If you are feeling way basic, you could even draw a square and call it the “Pot of Gold.” All the children see is the gold anyway!
  • Cut out your “Pot of Gold” shape and make a slit towards the top so that you can slip in your “gold.” I’m sure you’re now wondering how in the world you make gold!…It is super simple: Trace a couple circles, cut them out, and place them halfway in the slit on top of your “Pot of Gold.”

You can use your finished paper “Pot of Gold” as your final product OR you can tape it to a bucket filled with a special treat like the chocolate gold coins, a brand new trinket, or a homemade card from mom and dad. Sometimes a little motivation always seems to grab their attention more!!

Here is the finished product…

If you are unsure on how or what to write on the shamrocks to start and keep the “Scavenger” going, you can use themes like your child’s favorites or your daily routine. For example, you can write on one of your clues “Where do you put your crayons after you are finished?” or “Where do your teddy bears sleep at night?” If you have an older child, you can use clues that take a bit more critical thinking like “I am HOT and I cook your dinner…” or “You sit in me when you drive to school.

Once you read the clue, you can help your child hypothesize the answer and then explore various destinations. If your child is toddler to 2′s age, you may only want to include 3 or 4 clues. If your child preschool or pre-k age, you can probably go up to 8 clues!

If you have any ideas on how you may adapt this craft and game to your family, let us know! We would love to hear how YOU are planning to have fun with your kids on St. Patty’s Day!

Posted by Miss Heather

Bio: I have been working at SLC since 2005 and almost 7 years later, I am still excited to be here every day! I am a proud mother to my angel Makayla whom turned 3 in October, and I LOVE spending my weekends playing with her and my boyfriend's two children. My day begins and ends with lots of coffee, with 2 year old giggles and preschool dance moves in between. I am proud to be the SLC Dance Teacher, and Room 6 Lead Teacher, a Raising Happy Kids writer, and a part of SLC's amazing future.

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